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constant_heart's Journal

The Journey from Puppy to Certified Service Dog!

20 March
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My full name is Constance Corazon Cruller, and I am a registered Rottweiler who is an SDIT (Service Dog In Training)! My Dad has had TWO Service Dogs before me, but I am the first he has gotten to raise from a puppy himself, and he was VERY excited to do so! It has been a WILD ride, though! You can read all about it here, too!

This blog is a combination of two things:

1) Dad will make detailed posts about how I am being trained, how he trains or how a trainer or class has trained me... he will be showing how it is that a Puppy grows into a Service Dog!! (Outside of purchasing one from a service dog company)

2) Dad will make posts as if they come from ME!! Haw Haw!! This is not just to be silly, though- it's also because to be able to make that kind of post, Dad has to /think/ about it... about how *I* might be seeing the world, and what MY moods or experiences are like!!

They will be obviously different, and Dad will post LOTS of pictures whenever he can!

I want to thank everyone- and so does Dad and Pa, who Donated to help make it possible for me to come into thier lives!! You people did an AMAZING thing, and for that, we will ALL THREE be etertnally, deeply, grateful. You are all my Aunties and Uncles, and you are my family too.

If you wish to help Sponsor me, as I grow and am trained, you can still do so! I have a dedicated savings account that is only used for ME! (For medical insurance, training costs, and equipment costs, mostly! ...but also treats or toys or things I need like a new bed or kennel!)

Thank you for being a part of this experience. Comments are ALWAYS welcome, and the more friends, the merrier!